DentaSEAL Pro Launches First-to-Market Product Line

DentaSEAL Pro
dentaseal pro


DentaSEAL Pro, a leading clinical dental startup, is proud to unveil the latest innovation in clinical care—a first-to-market product line offering a next-generation sealant, instant sensitivity relief gel and an appliance top coat. This product line directly addresses biofilm, stain, inflammation and is set to revolutionize how dentists and hygienists prevent oral diseases.

dentaseal pro

The proprietary formula behind the DentaSEAL Pro product line is a revolutionary self-bonding polymer with multiple applications both inside and outside the oral cavity:

  • SEALANT- When used as a pit-and-fissure sealant, it creates an instant chemical bond, thus eliminating the need to etch or light cure.
  • SENSITIVITY RELIEF- For pre-procedural chairside sensitivity relief, this translucent gel is applied to non-cavitated areas such as root surfaces and demineralized enamel for instant and long-lasting relief.
  • APPLIANCE HEALTH- DentaSEAL Pro prevents odor and build up when applied to fixed and removable prostheses such as implants, dentures, retainers and clear aligners.
  • BIOFILM & STAIN- Additionally, the formulation’s hydrophobic qualities positively impact oral inflammation by reducing biofilm, calculus and stain buildup.

Great for any patient, DentaSEAL Pro is especially useful to prevent and address peri-implantitis and is also valuable for the pediatric population, patients with biofilm buildup, orthodontic patients and those with removable prostheses.

“I’m thrilled to see the impact our new product line will have on the health of patients! Our vision is to continue to innovate and find new applications for DentaSEAL Pro,” said Steve Turley, CEO of DentaSEAL Pro. “We’ve seen how cavities and biofilm are rampant in the majority of communities across the globe, and we wanted to create a product that would allow oral care providers to make a bigger impact in their patients’ lives.”

“With DentaSEAL Pro, a new generation of preventive products is here which will help clinicians do more for their patients,” said industry expert and advisor Melissa Turner, BASDH, RDHEP, EFDA. “More than ever before, dentistry is transitioning to a preventive-based model of care, and clinicians are focused on implementing products that are fast, efficient and impactful. We’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with the launch of DentaSEAL Pro, with so much more coming down the line.”

For more information, visit and visit the DentaSEAL Pro booth at these upcoming events:

National Mobile & Teledentistry Conference – March 1-2, 2024 Dallas, Texas

Chicago Midwinter Meeting – February 22-24, 2024 Chicago, Illinois