DentalMonitoring ScanBoxpro Completes Stratospheric Journey



From fifty miles south of Hanover, to more than 138,00 feet above Earth, DentalMonitoring soared beyond its promise to dental professionals to provide accurate, reliable remote monitorings of orthodontic patients from anywhere by sending the first ScanBoxpro into space.

Partnering with German-based Stratoflights, DentalMonitoring’s flagship hardware device reached low orbit of our planet for 24 minutes, coming back down to terra firma in an 11-minute descent that reached speeds of 550 mph.


“We wanted to show our commitment to our partners that when we say ‘anywhere,’ we mean it,” said Paul Capodanno, Vice President of Marketing – North America. “Though orthodontists may not yet have any patients needing to check on their braces treatment in the stratosphere, DentalMonitoring is always looking for new and exciting ways to address the needs of our dental professional partners to make for a better patient experience through leveraged AI.”

About DentalMonitoring

DentalMonitoring was started with a simple idea: oral care should be connected and continuous — even outside the practice. The company has created the world’s first virtual practice platform in dentistry, protected by more than 200 patents, to address rapidly-evolving patient expectations.

Thanks to the largest database of dental images in the industry, DentalMonitoring has developed the most advanced and comprehensive doctor-driven AI solutions to help dental professionals provide superior care and a better patient experience.

From patient lead engagement and conversion, providing treatment options through AI-generated reporting and advanced smile simulations, to remote monitoring of all types of treatments, DentalMonitoring’s unique platforms give dental professionals complete control over streamlined assessments and communication.

DentalMonitoring employs more than 400 people across 18 countries and 9 offices, including Paris, Austin, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

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