DentalMonitoring Achieves FDA Approval for AI Orthodontic Monitoring Software



DentalMonitoring, the leader in AI-powered remote monitoring for orthodontic treatment, has received De Novo approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the DentalMonitoring solution to be used by orthodontists in optimizing clinical care.


DentalMonitoring is medical device software using image processing algorithms to analyze pictures of the oral cavity (hereinafter Scans). Scans are taken using the DM App, a smartphone, and the manufacturer’s proprietary hardware products. DentalMonitoring is indicated for use in patients over the age of 6 and reports results solely on permanent teeth.

The product is designed to assist healthcare professionals in remotely monitoring dental treatments, orthodontic treatments, oral health, and treatment progress. The results of DentalMonitoring are intended to be used as an aid in diagnosis and not on a stand-alone basis for clinical decision-making.

DentalMonitoring provides additional information compared to traditional orthodontic treatment follow-ups. DentalMonitoring is an additional asset to ensure patient compliance with orthodontic treatment requirements. With DentalMonitoring, clinicians enjoy an elevated level of insight into treatment progress while patients enjoy increased convenience. Automated notifications and in-app communication with practice staff increase patient accountability and enhance communication between patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers.

With this approval, DentalMonitoring will also introduce the innovative SmartSTL feature to North American orthodontist customers. SmartSTL allows doctors to request updated STL files via the DentalMonitoring dashboard without bringing the patient back into the office.

“We are proud to be the new standard of care in orthodontics. This is a recognition of our 10 years of research and development in Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence. FDA approval of this improved version of DentalMonitoring software is a key milestone for DentalMonitoring and marks the beginning of a new era in orthodontics,” says Philippe Salah, CEO and co-founder of DentalMonitoring.

Since 2012, only four De Novos have been granted by the FDA Dental panel, and none were software-based devices. DentalMonitoring is the first Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning-enabled Software as a Medical Device in dentistry, establishing a classification within FDA dental regulation numbers and product codes. With the grant of this De Novo and the creation of a new regulatory category, DentalMonitoring has paved the way for future innovations in the Software as a Medical Device in the dental field category.

This clearance is a result of DentalMonitoring’s investment in pushing digital health technologies to the forefront of dental care. DentalMonitoring’s innovation has benefited users with elevated clinical outcomes and increased their peace of mind.

About DentalMonitoring

DentalMonitoring is transforming orthodontic care globally through our advanced AI-driven platform. Our mission is to empower orthodontic practitioners with precise, real-time treatment monitoring and decision-making tools. By enhancing the connection between clinicians and patients, we make it possible to optimize treatment outcomes and ensure high-quality, efficient, and personalized orthodontic experiences.