DentalEZ Group Reveals Improved Warranty Agreement



Convenient New Warranty Policy Now Begins on the Date of Installation

Malvern, PA (February 28, 2012) – DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, recently announced an attractive new replacement turbine warranty program that will activate on the actual date of installation rather than the date of purchase.    

Under the old warranty policy, the StarDental repairs department used the purchase invoice date to verify the beginning of the warranty period.  The warranty period became active from the date of the manufacturer’s invoice, regardless of when the turbine was installed.  The old policy sometimes became an issue if the customer purchased a 4-pack of turbines or several single turbines.  If all turbines were not immediately installed and in use, valuable months of the warranty were lost.
Under the new replacement turbine warranty program, the warranty becomes active from the date the turbine is actually installed.  Customers can now simply visit DentalEZ’s convenient website,, to register all new replacement turbines at the time of installation.  Customers are no longer required to provide the manufacturer’s invoice to prove a date of purchase.

According to Rick Gross, Senior Product Manager for StarDental®, customers would make a major commitment to Star genuine replacement parts but did not get the full value.  “For more than 100 years, StarDental has been committed to listening to our customers and understanding the needs of the dental community,” remarked Gross.  “This translates into superior products and customer-friendly programs.  The new turbine warranty program is one of the many programs and services that our customers have helped us develop for them.”

The new warranty program further supports the company’s special offer of its 4-pack of LubeFree® turbines.  Pay the price of three turbines and get the 4th FREE.  And with the new warranty policy in effect, customers do not have to worry about using them right away.

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