Dental Society Highlights Dangers of Oral Piercings



Tongue piercings may result in many unwanted dental effects. There can be infection or eventual damage to the teeth that may develop from oral piercings.

The New Brunswick Dental Society recently discussed the negative things that may result from oral piercings.

People with tongue piercings are about 40 percent more likely to have some type of gum recession eventually. It’s also possible for the piercings to result in a tooth chipping or some other kind of damage. The likelihood for gum problems is also increased.

One of the other major problems for people with an oral piercing is playing with it while in the mouth. It’s also important to make sure a person is old enough to make the decision to have an oral piercing. This way, he or she can be fully responsible for taking the proper precautions to avoid any dental issues.

Plastic rings or studs are less damaging than metal ones. Still, the best course of action to fight against any eventual dental problems is to remove the oral piercing.