Dental Organizations Consolidate Their 2019-2020 Conferences

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To create more meaningful dental meetings for attendees, guests, and exhibitors, several dental organizations are collaborating to combine 3 significant dental conventions in 2019 and 2 in 2020—potentially good news for oral health professionals whose travel budgets don’t match their aspirations in continuing education. 

The ADA, FDI World Dental Federation (FDI), California Dental Association (CDA), and San Francisco Dental Society (SFDS) will host a joint meeting in San Francisco in early September 2019. Also, the ADA and Florida Dental Association (FDA) are considering consolidating meetings in 2020, while the ADA explores additional similar arrangements in the future.

“Because of the willingness to partner, a number of dental tradeshows will be combined,” said ADA president Gary Roberts, DDS. “This approach makes great sense because it saves everyone time and money. Rather than wonder which meeting to attend or exhibit at, the choice is now easy!”

The ADA has a longstanding policy that encourages state and local societies to work with it as its meeting rotates around the country. Also, the ADA recently added another optional model that it says is showing positive results. The ADA now is looking forward to meeting in 2017 in Atlanta and in 2018 in Honolulu, working with the Georgia and Hawaii Dental Associations. 

In 2019, the ADA will collaborate with the FDI, CDA, and SFDS to host the FDI World Dental Congress along with ADA 2019 in San Francisco. All parties expect a very large turnout at this joint meeting, where the ADA’s 160th anniversary and the term of Kathy Kell, DDS, MHCA, as FDI president will be celebrated. 

FDI president Dr. Patrick Hescot noted his organization’s “long and fruitful working relationship with the ADA” and that “FDI is excited to combine organizational expertise to produce an engaging scientific program, as well as host what should be one of the largest exhibitions ever seen at FDI’s World Dental Congress.”

“We cannot thank CDA and SFDS enough for our history together and look forward to 2019, 2023, and beyond, working collaboratively to create unique and engaging attendee experiences,” said Jim Goodman, CMP, ADA vice president, conferences and continuing education.

“CDA is once again proud to welcome the ADA Annual Meeting to San Francisco as part of our ongoing partnership spanning many years,” said CDA president Clelan Ehrler, DDS. “We are excited and look forward to the addition of the FDI World Dental Federation.” 

Collaborations will continue in 2020 as the FDA and FDA host a joint meeting in Orlando from October 15 through October 18. 

“The Florida Dental Association is thrilled to partner with the American Dental Association to host ADA 2020 in Orlando,” said FDA president Bill D’Aiuto, DDS. “This will be a great opportunity to shine a light on our state, and we look forward to working together to make this an influential event.”

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