Dental Biomaterials Market to Boom Through 2026

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Dental biomaterials do more than fill cavities. They also promote healing. Plus, they have a very promising future, according to a pair of analyst companies. Persistence Market Research says the global dental biomaterials market will see a 4.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and reach $1.88 billion by 2026. MarketsandMarkets is more optimistic, expecting a 7.4% CAGR and $9.6 billion total by 2023.

Persistence attributes the growth to the growing edentulous population as people age 60 and older are at high risk of developing dental disorders. The company also says that the increased number of clinics placing dental implants will drive demand. The high success rates that these materials enjoy in preventive and restorative dentistry are a key factor as well. Plus, there is a growing awareness of oral hygiene in both developed and developing countries. 

MarketsandMarkets agrees that the rising geriatric population and increased number of clinics placing dental implants will have a positive effect on the market. Also, the company notes that dental tourism is growing in developing countries while disposable income and incidence of dental disease are increasing as well. MarketsandMarkets further notes an increase in the demand for aesthetic dentistry behind the expected growth.

Growth drivers will vary between countries, Persistence reports. For example, consolidation of the dental industry in the United States has led to lower out-of-pocket costs for dental services due to the Protection and Affordable Care Act, driving growth. In China and India, numerous small players are operating, leading to lower production costs for dental biomaterials. In India, production costs are about 70% lower, primarily due to low labor costs.

Political and economic disruptions in Brazil, though, will hamper the market’s growth there and throughout Latin America, according to Persistence. The region also has one of the most complex taxation frameworks, inhibiting the opening of new companies. Low labor productivity in low to middle income countries will keep manufacturers from meeting the rising demand for dental biomaterials as well.

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