Dental Adhesive Market to Grow by 6.02% Through 2022

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The dental adhesive market will increase by a 6.02% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from its $1.92 billion total in 2017 to $2.57 billion in 2022, according to ReportsnReports. The analyst firm attributes this growth to the growing demand for superior adhesives and sealants in various applications from end-use markets such as dental hospitals and clinics, academic and research institutes, and laboratories. However, the high prices of dental care will somewhat restrain the market as well. 

Dental hospitals and clinics represent the fastest growing end-use segment of the dental adhesive market, due to the large number of hospitals and clinics worldwide, increasing number of private dental practices, and large patient pool. Also, the growth in the number of dentists setting up new clinics in emerging markets like India and China, coupled with the increasing incidence of dental and oral diseases, will drive the market as well.

In fact, the Asia-Pacific market will see the highest regional growth in the forecast period. This area is seeing a rising geriatric population, growing dental tourism in China and India, increasing attention from prominent players, increasing healthcare expenditures and rising disposable incomes, rising oral health awareness, and an increasing willingness among consumers to spend more on oral care to maintain dental aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the global professional dental care market will see similar growth of 4.5% from its $769.3 million total in 2016 through an anticipated $961 million total in 2021. Reportsnreports attributes this growth to the growing number of small and private dental clinics, rising incidence of dental caries, increased disposable incomes in emerging countries, growing awareness of dental hygiene, and economic gain. Toothbrushes will see the fastest growth in this timeframe, according to ReportsnReports.

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