December 2013



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Optimizing Core Buildups and Post and Core Restorations: Improving Clinical Techniques With New Resin Materials
Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, presents a case report article on how to optimize post and core placements with new composite resin materials.

Composite Resins 2.0: Entering a New Age of Posterior Composites
Parag R. Kachalia, DDS, discusses a modern approach to predictable, profitable, and efficient posterior composites.

Aesthetic Zone Challenges: Severe Anterior Wear, Part 3: Restoratively Driven Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

Elliot Mechanic, DDS, BSc, illustrates how the emergence of aesthetic dentistry has changed the standard of care and redirected specialties to a doctrine of facially generated treatment planning coordinated by the restorative quarterback.

Craniofacial Enhancement Using a Biomimetic Oral Appliance

G. Dave Singh, DDSc, PhD, BDS, and Samuel E. Cress, DDS, introduce a biomimetic oral appliance that produces craniofacial enhancement without using any invasive

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