CURAPROX Accelerates Omni-Channel Retail Strategy



Leading global provider of holistic oral health solutions, CURAPROX, is proud to announce its new omni-channel retail strategy designed to accelerate growth in the United States market. With a strong emphasis on enhancing brand accessibility, this strategy marks a significant milestone for CURAPROX as it aims to further expand its presence in the rapidly growing oral care market.


Celebrating its 50th anniversary just last year, CURAPROX has established itself as a market leader in several European countries, known for its premium Swiss quality, beautiful design, and endorsement by dental professionals worldwide. CURAPROX offers a complete portfolio, including interdental brushes, floss, toothpaste, manual and power toothbrushes, all of which are designed and manufactured in Switzerland. In the United States, CURAPROX has primarily reached consumers through dental professionals, its own web shop (, and the e-commerce giant Amazon. Notably, the brand has witnessed a remarkable threefold increase in sales on Amazon in just two years, reflecting the growing demand for their products in the US market with thousands of five-star ratings on the full range of products.

The oral care market has experienced robust development in recent years, with strong growth expected to reach a remarkable USD 51.37 billion by the year 2030. This substantial growth is attributed to the increasing awareness of the importance of oral health and hygiene. While the market has historically been dominated by big brands, it has also witnessed the emergence of new players and startups eager to make their mark. CURAPROX, which has name recognition worldwide, resembles a startup brand in the US market, with an ability to make agile marketing moves in time with its much larger competitors.

“Our focus on expanding CURAPROX‘s retail presence is stronger than ever,” said Steffen Mueller, managing director, USA. Mueller brings broad experience from global brands such as Philips, Gillette and L’Oreal for this role. “We will take CURAPROX into a period of great omni-channel growth; we are poised to make our premium oral care products more accessible to consumers in the US.”

With a strong commitment to fostering oral health education, CURAPROX has perfected a proprietary training method called iTop, an individualized trained oral care prophylaxis program, which is unique in the industry. This hands-on training empowers consumers through education facilitated by dental professionals, enhancing their oral healthcare routines. CURAPROX recognizes that educating consumers and providing accurate information are pivotal in transforming consumer behavior towards better oral health.

“Improving oral health is a shared mission, and one that CURAPROX can capitalize on as we reach more consumers through retail,” Shannon M. Nanne, RDH and Director of Professional Relations and Education at Curaden USA. “Our commitment to education and better access to high-quality oral care is at the heart of our strategy.”

CURAPROX‘s products exemplify the pinnacle of oral care excellence, characterized by premium Swiss quality, beautiful design, and a rich legacy of being trusted and recommended by dental professionals worldwide,” said Dr. Sercan Akyalcin. “As a dental professional, I can confidently affirm the outstanding value these products bring to the realm of oral health. The commitment to quality and the brand’s reputation within the dental community make CURAPROX a natural choice for those seeking the best in oral care.”

This new omni-channel strategy is poised to provide consumers with greater accessibility to their premium oral care products. The brand is set to make its foray into brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring that consumers can easily access and experience the excellence of CURAPROX‘s oral care offerings firsthand. The future for CURAPROX in the United Stateslooks promising as it expands its reach, making premium oral care more accessible and convenient for consumers across the nation.

To learn more about CURAPROX and its gentle and effective oral health solutions, click here and follow the brand’s progress on Instagram at @curaproxusa.


CURAPROX—the product brand of Curaden—has been the go-to provider for premium Swiss oral care products since 1972. Founded on the principle that oral health goes far beyond white teeth and fresh breath, Curaden works closely with dental professionals to develop exceptional CURAPROX products.

The advanced line of Manual Toothbrushes, Power Toothbrushes, Toothpaste and Interdental tools are designed ergonomically to keep your mouth, teeth and gums in perfect condition—regardless of braces, brackets or sensitivities. CURAPROX’s range of products are noticeably attractive, highly effective and a pleasure to use. Brushing your teeth is fun with CURAPROX—delivering tangible results and products that keep you motivated to clean thoroughly. CURAPROX’s full range of premium Swiss oral care is available at CURAPROX-Shop USA as well as