Creative Ad Agency, SPREAD and Western Dental and Orthodontics Team Up to Launch the I Love Western Dental and I Love Brident Campaigns

western dental and orthodontics


western dental and orthodontics

SPREAD, a top creative ad agency based in Los Angeles, teams up with Western Dental & Orthodontics on the new I Love Western Dental and I Love Brident campaigns, focusing on brand-oriented entertainment content-creation and distribution.

The campaign’s planned strategy includes the creation of new branded web and social media platforms for the publication of organic entertainment content featuring patients and company employees.

“Our specialty is creating content that looks and feels real to the audience,” says Keu Reyes, SPREAD’s Human GPS. “We want to showcase the plenty of reasons for both patients and employees to fall in love with Western Dental and Brident, so our focus will be storytelling and highlighting the many positive aspects of the brands.”

SPREAD will also manage and provide the creation of Spanish-language content through its affiliate US and Mexico-based creative agency, Alcánzanos, which will oversee the English-language counterparts, “Amo A Western Dental” and “Amo A Brident” campaigns.

“A large percentage of Western Dental’s and Brident’s patients are Latino, and many of them are Spanish-speakers, so we understand the critical need to reach them in the best way possible, which happens to be their own native language,” says Juan Candelario, Operations Guru for Alcánzanos. “We don’t want to just translate, we want to create custom-made content with our many types of Latino audiences’ cultures in mind.”

Edwin Rivera, Vice President Community Engagement and Strategic Alliances will be the company’s campaign’s liaison. “We’re really excited to work with SPREAD and their affiliates, as we push to organically connect with our patients and employees by simply showing that we are a great company,” says Rivera. “In addition, the Spanish-language component of the campaign will deliver a quite powerful message about our brands to our Spanish-speaking patient base.”


Western Dental (with its supported affiliates, including Brident Dental & Orthodontics and Vital Smiles) is one of the nation’s leaders in accessible, affordable oral health care, serving approximately 3 million patient visits annually in 333 affiliated offices throughout California, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, and Nevada. In addition to general dentistry, Western Dental offices provide orthodontics, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, and endodontics in its offices, creating a convenient, full-service “Dental Home.”

All of Western Dental’s services are backed by a unique quality assurance system that electronically monitors all patient visits, treatments, dental staff, and clinical performance to enable high-quality care.

To learn more about Western Dental or inquire about an office in your community, visit or call 1-800-6-DENTAL.


SPREAD is a Los Angeles-based creative advertising agency focused on creating and shaping strategic engagements between brands and their audiences, ranging from efficacious internal culture-shaping to external sales and exposure-marketing content. SPREAD develops and applies psychological campaigns based on neuroscience and other data to dynamically measure and influence audiences’ behavior. SPREAD works in public, confidential, secret or covert campaigns, and also oversees the development of Spanish-language campaigns through their US and Mexico-based affiliate creative advertising agency, Alcanzanos.

For more information visit or or call +1.833.686.2373 (US) or +52.667.219.4176 (Mexico).