Clear Aligners from Candid are “A Dream” for Fast-Growing Airway Segment

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Candid, an innovator in clear aligners, is making a splash this year with a host of leadership additions, clinical enhancements, and more. These upgrades will deliver even more convenience and control to the company’s CandidPro partners over the coming years. For dental professionals using clear aligners in conjunction with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatments, Candid’s planned pipeline of innovation is already delivering.

“Candid is the only clear aligner company I’ve worked with that offers a plug-and-play clear aligner prescription that aims to preserve the arch development achieved during airway treatments,” says Candid’s VP of GP Clinical Education, Ben Miraglia, DDS.

clear aligners

Dr. Ben Miraglia

Clinicians like Dr. Miraglia and airway technology companies have flocked to Candid partly because the company has taken their unique clinical requirements into account and turned out a specialty prescription option called AirwayRx that meets their needs. AirwayRx aims to maintain the arch development achieved with airway treatments—in contrast to other clear aligner companies that often tend toward retractive movements that narrow the arch and reduce tongue space.

With AirwayRx, clinicians can deliver aesthetic finishes to their OSA patients without having to work against the treatment philosophy of their clear aligner company.

“Obstructive sleep apnea is a growing concern,” says Candid Academy Faculty Dr. Kalli Hale. “Having a clear aligner company that meets the clinical needs of my airway patients’ expanded arch forms is a dream.”

Outside its benefits for clinicians treating OSA, Candid also boasts a highly efficient clear aligner ecosystem that empowers clinicians of all experience levels with the orthodontic expertise and support they need to confidently treat patients at scale while saving hours of clinical time.

“Candid is keenly attuned to the clinical needs of airway cases,” says Geoffrey Skinner, DDS, who also serves as Faculty at Candid Academy. “Their Orthodontics as a Service model has been a huge boon to my practice because I don’t have to spend as much chair time or team time on getting the amazing results I want for my patients.”

Dental support organizations and airway health technology companies alike have seen the benefits Candid can bring to clinical partners. Over the past 12 months, Candid has announced numerous strategic partnerships—including with prestigious research bodies like the Vivos Institute.

“We are honored to work with our partners at the Vivos Institute and other prominent airway-focused clinicians to develop the first clear aligner solution to address airway health and breathing wellness,” says Candid’s Chief Operating Officer, Tony Morefield. “Our custom-designed expansion-based aligner therapy is unique to Candid and is intended to complement the other techniques and devices utilized to meet this growing healthcare need.”

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