CityMD Co-founders Change the Way People Experience Dentistry With dntl bar Startup

dntl bar


dntl bar is Known for Providing Enjoyable, Patient-First Care in New York City

Gone are the days of booking a dentist appointment months in advance and dreading the impersonal and often painful experience that comes with laying in a dental chair as someone pokes and prods your mouth. dntl bar—New York City’s most enjoyable and convenient dental practice from the team behind CityMD, the Northeast’s largest urgent care provider—puts patients at the center of its service at its three Manhattan locations, offering quality care and same-day appointments, clear pricing and comfortable visits. Forget old magazines in stuffy waiting rooms, now patients can watch Netflix, use aromatherapy products, stay warm under a cozy blanket and relax in massage chairs at the dentist office.

“The dental industry, like most healthcare systems, has evolved into a payer- or provider-first oriented system. While not necessarily the intent of many hard working clinical professionals, it has nonetheless become a place where the consumer is found standing last in line,” dntl bar co-founder and CEO and CityMD co-founder Nedal Shami says. “From making an appointment, following up for your care, paying a bill or even the basic principles of respecting your time and starting on time, nothing is simple for the patient. We think we can change that.”

Shami thought he could apply what he did at CityMD and reinvent the experience of going to the dentist to make it accessible, affordable and enjoyable, instead of outdated and impersonal. Shami grew CityMD into a billion dollar company with 150 locations, transforming the way customers sought emergency care, and believes people should get the same access to dental care. So in 2019—dntl bar opened its first location in Chelsea which received immediate validation in the market with an industry-leading amount of new patient appointments and raving customer reviews. dntl bar has since added two more locations in Union Square and the Financial District, and plans to open two more sites by the beginning of 2022.

dntl bar stays open seven days a week from 8 am until 8 pm on the weekdays and 9 am until 5 pm on the weekends, making it easier for patients to find time to get to the dentist for everything from check-ups and teeth whitening to teeth straightening and emergency work. Unlike at standard dentist offices, dntl bar never wants patients to have to wait to see one of their top-rated dentists, so they provide same-day and same-week appointments that can be easily booked online. They also offer SMS communications for patients who want to be able to communicate with ease. Because dntl bar prioritizes transparent pricing and doesn’t want patients to be surprised when they see their bill, it’s in-network with most PPO insurance plans.

When patients arrive at one of dntl bar’s three locations, they walk into a modern lounge and are greeted by a friendly front desk attendant. They can grab noise-cancelling headphones to wear during the procedure or opt to listen to music or stream their favorite Netflix series when they see the dentist. dntl bar uses high tech equipment and machinery, and the clinical staff undergoes a rigorous hiring process; they also receive regular reviews to ensure they continue to provide top-notch, patient-first care. Because of its luxury accommodations, accessibility and gold-standard service, dntl bar boasts an NPS of 90 compared to the industry average of 1.

dntl bar believes people deserve higher quality dental care that actually puts them first and aims to bring a cost-effective, straightforward option to more people than ever before. dntl bar has started a movement with its decision to center its care around patients rather than billings, and it was that transparency and industry-disrupting concept that kept people coming in throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, during which dntl bar only continued to grow and draw in new clients. dntl bar plans to bring its transparent and high-end approach to 50 locations in multiple cities within the next five years.

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