Children’s Dental Surgery of Philadelphia Achieves AAAHC Accreditation

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The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) has fully accredited Children’s Dental Surgery of Philadelphia, distinguishing it from other outpatient facilities through its adherence to rigorous standards of care and safety, according to parent company Children’s Dental Management.

Located in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood, the surgical center is designed to provide pediatric dentists with a safe and controlled hospital-like environment to perform complex dental procedures. Children with severe anxiety, complex cases, or special needs can receive complete operatory or restorative work during a single procedure while under general anesthesia.

“Having a resource like this in the heart of the city is a tremendous benefit for Philadelphia-area families,” said chief dental officer Dr. Noah Quinn. “The new facility provides greater access to care and advances our mission of improving the oral health of children in our communities.”

The facility boasts the latest technology to ensure safe treatment, Children’s Dental Management said. Natural light and warm, bright colors fill the lobby, preoperatory, and recovery areas to provide parents, guardians, and patients alike with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, the organization said.

The Port Richmond location also is home to Pediatric Dental Associates and Children’s Dental Health Orthodontics. It is the fourth Children’s Dental Management pediatric dental surgery center in Pennsylvania, joining locations in Bethlehem, Lancaster, and Malvern.

In 2019, more than 8,000 children received dental care in these surgery centers that could not be performed in a typical visit to the dentist, Children’s Dental Management said.

The COVID-19 pandemic further demonstrated the need for such facilities, the company said, as many dental offices including pediatric dental surgery facilities were closed and families were under stay-at-home orders, negatively impacting many children’s oral health and hygiene habits.

These factors and others have resulted in an increased number of children with advanced tooth decay and the need for extensive oral rehabilitation, the company said. If left untreated, these patients can suffer additional tooth decay or loss and risk serious oral infections that can spread systemically.

Upon a credentialed dentist’s referral, Children’s Dental Surgery welcomes patients with most forms of insurance including Medicaid and CHIP programs. Each facility is staffed by highly trained pediatric dentists, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, and office staff who guide families through the outpatient procedure from arrival to post-operation, the company said.

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