Carestream Dental Manufactures Its 1,000th CS 8100



ATLANTA – Carestream Dental today announced the production of its 1,000th CS 8100 digital panoramic imaging system at its manufacturing facility in Marne-la-Vallée, France. Debuted in 2012, the CS 8100 is Carestream Dental’s first extraoral imaging unit to reach this production quantity in less than one year. This milestone underscores Carestream Dental’s commitment to providing industry-leading imaging equipment that can easily be integrated into dental and oral health professionals’ workflows.
Designed with smaller practices in mind, the CS 8100 has a compact footprint so it can be installed anywhere. The new CS 8100 features the latest imaging technology, offering practitioners a variety of imaging programs to obtain high-quality images effortlessly for improved diagnoses and treatments. Supporting the day-to-day panoramic imaging needs of practices, the CS 8100’s capabilities include panoramic imaging (for adult and pediatric patients) as well as segmented panoramic, TMJ and maxillary sinus imaging.

The CS 8100 also comes with exclusive 2D+ technology that enables practitioners to create slices at regular intervals along the jaw to focus on one area of interest and visualize more details than standard 2D images reveal. These images can help practitioners determine the location of supernumerary teeth, find impactions and apical lesions, or identify the root relationship to the inferior canal nerve. It’s a cost-effective solution that overcomes some of the limitations of standard panoramic imaging such as structure overlap.

“We’re very proud to share this achievement with our customers and the dental community,” said Edward Shellard, D.M.D., chief marketing officer and director of business development for Carestream Dental. “This milestone motivates us to continue providing top-notch products for practices around the world. The CS 8100 is a unique, robust product, and the dental industry is taking note of that.”

This announcement comes on the heels of five product recognitions awarded to the CS 8100 in 2013:
· The international "red dot award: product design," for successful design creation and compact footprint,
· the Polish “Krakdent Medal of Best Quality” for product quality in the dental industry,
· the international Clinical Innovations India Award for innovation in the dental industry,
· the U.S. DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Award for Best New Diagnostic/Imaging Device and
· the international Bronze Medical Design Excellence Award for dental equipment.

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