Carestream Dental Announces Integration with Tracker Imaging and Practice Management Software



TORONTO – Carestream Dental today announced the new image integration available for its RVG digital radiography sensors with Tracker imaging and practice management software, an industry-leading solution in Canada offered by The Bridge Network Inc. This seamless integration ensures that images acquired with RVG sensors are instantly available and easily accessible through Tracker.

In addition to offering the tools needed to run successful practices, including scheduling, financial and insurance tracking, and interactive billing reports, Tracker also provides ChairSide Imaging software. It’s with this software that Tracker users are able to acquire RVG images. Practitioners can then apply the same sharpening filters and enhancements to images as if the radiographs had been acquired through Carestream Dental’s imaging software.

With Carestream Dental’s unmatched image quality, the integration with Tracker was developed to streamline practice workflow and enhance patient care. Offering direct X-ray acquisition, all images captured can automatically be attached to a tooth or a range of teeth in Tracker’s charting and can be viewed side by side for ease of use, promoting a truly paperless workflow. Tracker can also integrate clinical images within referral letters, treatment consents and more with a single click of the mouse.

Additionally, this integration gives practitioners using Tracker’s ChairSide Imaging software access to Carestream Dental’s exclusive Logicon Caries Detector™ Software, a computer-aided diagnostic tool that helps dentists identify and treat more interproximal caries. ChairSide Imaging is the only software outside of CS Imaging that is compatible with Logicon Software.

“We are thrilled to announce the integration between Tracker and our RVG digital radiography sensors,” said Kim Peterson, general manager for Carestream Dental Canada. “This advanced integration streamlines practices’ workflow, which benefits Tracker customers and their patients.”

“The partnership with Carestream Dental gives our customers access to intraoral sensors that provide high-quality digital radiographs in addition to an electronic second opinion when evaluating radiographs with Logicon Software,” said Frank Dionisi, director of marketing and sales for The Bridge Network Inc. “Together, these tools complement each other and offer practitioners enhanced diagnostic capabilities, ultimately improving patient care.”

This new integration is available for Tracker versions 10 and 11.

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