CareQuest Institute Requests Grant Proposals Focused On Care Transformation

CareQuest Institute for Oral Health


CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, a leading national nonprofit focused on creating a more accessible, equitable, and integrated oral health system, has launched a request for proposals (RFP) to fund projects and partners geared toward health care transformation. Applicants will likely be community organizations looking to expand how oral health care is delivered or safety net clinical facilities looking to grow their community engagement. Proposals are now open and are due by June 30.


Relevant RFPs should combine two core interrelated elements of work: (a) carry forward care transformation concepts; and (b) ensure authentic and deep community engagement is embedded in the practical implementation of those concepts.

“Investing in organizations that share in our vision of an oral health care system that works better for everyone allows us to get one step closer to a future where everybody can access the health care they need,” said Trenae Simpson, director of grants and programs at CareQuest Institute. “We know that oral health care solutions will not be as effective and meaningful without those individuals most impacted by oral health disparities driving the work. This RFP is an opportunity for oral health providers, advocates, and researchers to share information, act, and collaborate with communities toward a healthier, more equitable future.”

To advance oral health equity and access to quality, whole-person care at a systemic level, CareQuest Institute, along with other partners in oral health care, has been at the forefront of developing and testing care transformation best practices. Winning proposals will focus on the idea that care transformation efforts cannot advance effectively without the community members those efforts intend to serve driving the project forward.

Examples of projects that fall within the community and care transformation request for proposals:

  • A safety net partner piloting new value-based care procedures within clinical practice, overseen by a representative patient/community body that has active input into the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the new practice impact on patient experience
  • A state policy organization utilizing a formal process that ensures ongoing community input and involvement to advocate for medical/dental integration measures within state Medicaid policy
  • A community-based or grassroots organization building power among community members to participate in advocacy in local or state policy spaces around care transformation concepts
  • A safety net provider collaborating with community partners to expand and use innovative workforce models that are representative of their patients and families

Specific details related to eligibility, proposal requirements, and evaluation criteria can be found on our Community and Care Transformation Request for Proposals page.

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