BONE-TITE — Nutritional Insurance for Implant and Bone Graft Patients



BONE-TITE is the first over-the-counter supplement product developed in conjunction with prosthodontists, periodontists, and other dental professional experts in bone metabolism and bone growth, for use with patients that may require nutritional insurance before and after dental implant and bone graft procedures. BONE-TITE provides key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients known to be helpful for proper bone and soft tissue growth, repair, and overall health during implant osseointegration and bone grafting.


  • Provides cortical bone building vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients
  • Helps fortify bone and soft tissue in preparation for surgery
  • Promotes soft tissue healing and osteogenesis (osteoblast formation) after surgery
  • With continued use, supports overall implant osseointegration


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