Biolase Waterlase Endo Academy Holds Inaugural Meeting

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The Biolase Waterlase Endo Academy held a leadership council meeting on November 14, forming an exclusive community of leading endodontists dedicated to improving patient outcomes and profitability with new technology, according to the company.

Open to all Waterlase endodontists, the academy was created to foster peer-led learning, best practice sharing, and optimal integration of Waterlase technology into clinical practice, Biolase said.

“The launch of Waterlase Endo Academy was a natural next step in our company journey, as we continue to pursue the mission of advancing dentistry,” said Todd Norbe, president and CEO of Biolase.

“As endodontists continue to seek out more advanced solutions for challenging cases, the academy will serve as a resource for some of the greatest minds in the field to elevate the dissemination of best practices for the integration of advanced technology like the Waterlase,” said Norbe.

Membership benefits include ongoing mentorship from leading clinicians, didactic online meetings and interactive case reviews by Waterlase experts, in-person training experiences hosted by leading Waterlase Endo Academy clinicians, and on-demand access to clinical resources and webinars, Biolase said.

Leadership council members include Dr. Charles Maupin, Dr. Francisco Banchs, Dr. Yihail Zibari, Dr. Fernando Meza, Dr. Justin Kolnick, Dr. Robert Corr, and Dr. Kirk Huffaker.

The Waterlase dental laser’s benefits include faster procedures and new treatment options, the company said. It also provides greater access to lateral canals and the critical apical third to improve efficiency and patient-reported outcomes, Biolase added.

Plus, the unique radial firing tip allows for success in conservative endo treatment, while the overall technology delivers more predictability, reduced patient discomfort, and improved patient care, according to the company.

The universal use of Waterlase additionally enables clinicians to perform soft-tissue surgery, crown and veneer removals, apicoectomies, and more, Biolase added.

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