Bien-Air Dental – iOptima

Dr. Paul Feuerstein, DMD


BienAir showcases a few new innovations. The new motor and contrangle are smaller and lighter. For years dentists with smaller hands did not like the weight, balance and drag on the hands and wrist despite advantages of electric over air turbine. This new design improves the balance and produces less hand fatigue. One major advantage of electric handpieces is the ability to control speed, torque and rotation direction and with the BienAir the ability to instantly change from high speed to low speed with the same attachments. This has become much easier with a new iPod controller in the iOptima unit. Not only is the interface easy (and familiar) to use but it can “remember” settings for various procedures. This feature is extremely useful in using various endodontic files. All of the manufacturers’ specifications and settings are in the system which is upgradable by the operator as well as from the factory via the internet using the iPad interface. Its partner product, iChiroPro uses an iPad to control implant surgery along with these other features.

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