Babylon Dental Care Now Offering a “Comfort Menu” to Help Patient Anxiety

Babylon Dental Care
Babylon dental care


Babylon Dental Care is proud to offer a new patient comfort menu for those who experience anxiety about visiting the dentist. Dental phobias are exceedingly common. In fact, 99% of people have a dental phobia based on past negative dental experiences. Babylon Dental Care has put significant effort into making patient comfort a top priority.

Babylon dental care

“When I was a child, going to the dentist terrified me,” said Jenn Brown, Director of Operations at Babylon Dental Care. “As my husband pointed out when he invited me to join the practice, I understand dental phobias because receiving dental care was always one of my biggest fears. That’s why I’m passionate about assembling a compassionate team who understand how anxiety can affect patients.”

Babylon has helped confront and alleviate dental phobias by:

  • Creating a warm, welcoming environment, that is beautifully decorated, complete with comfortable dental chairs that help patients relax.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology to ensure top quality care and an incredibly clean environment.
  • Allowing patients to request an anesthesiologist for major dental operations.
  • Offering nitrous oxide for sedation dentistry.
  • Using numbing gel to make minor procedures more comfortable for patients.
  • Placing Sonos speakers throughout the dental office and allowing patients to select and enjoy music that calms them.
  • Providing access to Netflix while patients are in the chair.
  • Offering a “comfort menu” that allows patients to customize their experience before they begin treatment and decide which amenities they would like to calm their anxiety. The menu includes a stress ball, a blanket, and dark sunglasses – just to name a few!
  • Giving new patients a full tour of the facilities when they first arrive to make them feel at home.
  • Employing a personable, caring staff that goes above and beyond to help patients feel at ease.

Babylon has also addressed another type of dental phobia: concern about the cost of dental care. Many patients fear they won’t be able to afford necessary services.

Babylon takes these concerns seriously and understands the challenges patients face.

Babylon advocates for their patients by working hard to keep costs down and by offering their own, inhouse dental savings plans, which allow patients to get quality dental care at a discounted rate. The team at Babylon offers many types of financing, including interest-free options.

Babylon is willing to work with individual patients to set up a financial plan that suits the patient’s overall lifestyle.

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