AZ Jaw Surgery Hosts Grand Opening

AZ Jaw Surgery
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Dr. Michael Wasson—board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon—recently hosted a grand opening for his new Scottsdale facility, located at 10250 N. 92nd Street, suite 301, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258.

A decision to relocate his practice to Scottsdalefrom the Seattle area after eight years came with great forethought.

grand opening, Arizona jaw surgery, az jaw surgery

Dr. Michael Wasson (pictured)—board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon—recently hosted a grand opening for his new Scottsdale facility.

“I was aware the population in Arizona was underserved when it came to the areas of TMJ, orthognathic, nerve repair, and sleep apnea surgeries. My objective was to help fill a surgical void in the medical and dental population,” said Wasson.

Wasson’s main goal is to offer surgical options previously not available in Arizona that are specific to the jaw. Offering this particular area of medical expertise presents a benefit to patients, by allowing the practice to focus on quality results, efficacy, efficiency, and most importantly patient outcomes and experiences.

“If I were to ever need surgery, I would want to find myself in the care of a surgeon who specializes in the procedure I need and performs it regularly. That’s what I strive to be—a surgeon who focuses solely on the jaw,” states Wasson. “My practice model was created so the central focus of my practice stayed true to those suffering from jaw conditions, and that patients in need of surgery became aware that surgical options now available have improved tremendously. This is what we do. We do jaw surgeries and nothing else.”

AZ Jaw Surgery focuses solely on jaw surgery. By establishing its own surgical facility with this grand opening—something that has not been available to Arizonians until now—the practice brings a new dimension of surgical options to patients who are in need of jaw surgery. Being the only provider in the state of Arizona to offer TMJ Surgical Arthroscopy—the most modern minimally invasive, technologically advanced TMJ procedure available—sets them apart from other practitioners and what procedures have been previously available in Arizona.

The facility is uniquely positioned to offer patients an experience utilizing the most up to date techniques and technology available such as 3D imaging, printing, digital scanning, and the ability to work with clear aligners (Invisalign) instead of wire braces for jaw surgery. In many cases, this offers options to patients that result in the least amount of pain, scarring and recovery time, while also having the highest level of accuracy, esthetics, and lifetime success. The facility also provides state-of-the-art technology, procedural knowledge (with a demonstrated commitment to continued education and technological upgrades), and a system that has been put into place to explicitly cater to the high demand for these types of surgeries.

“There is a high demand for these types of surgeries—orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) surgery, nerve repair surgery and obstructive sleep apnea surgery. By only offering these types of surgeries, it provides several advantages to our patients such as proficiency, efficiency, and the reassurance that we are as up to date as possible in these areas,” stated Wasson.

“Jaw surgery can be very detailed in varying degrees, so creating an environment that allows my patients to feel confident in their decision making, and comfortable knowing they have been provided with a thorough surgical care plan is very important to me. As the only practice in Arizona exclusive to jaw surgery, we are the practice other oral & maxillofacial surgeons refer their patients to,” mentions Wasson. “We are extremely excited for the community to be introduced to our new frontier in jaw surgery.”

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