Avoid These Three Website Mistakes

Jackie Ulasewich


Your patient Dennis has just recommended you on Facebook. His buddy from work, Juan, happens to be looking for a new dentist and sees Dennis’s glowing review. Does Juan just take Dennis’s word for it and make an appointment? Not a chance.

No matter how much he values Dennis’s opinion, Juan is going to check out your website. To turn Juan into a new patient, you need to avoid making three mistakes on your website. 

Using Only Templated Copy and Stock Images

Since Juan has been in the market for a new dentist, he likely has visited several websites. He probably has seen the same verbiage and the same pictures of smiling families again and again. A website with as much original copy and as many original photos as possible will set you apart from those other dentists.

It also will allow Juan (and every other potential new patient) to see a bit of your personality and the personality of your practice. From the appearance of your reception area and treatment suites to pictures of you and your team members with real patients, original work will help people decide that you’re the kind of dentist they’re looking for.

Talking About Your Services But Not About How They Benefit the Patient

Of course patients want to know about your services, but they’re not as jazzed about dental bridges and water lasers as you are. They need to know exactly how treatment can improve their lives. They need to know how bridges will restore their confidence in their smiles and that water lasers let you treat them with greater comfort and precision. They need to understand that dental implants will let them eat what they want and that orthodontics can straighten their teeth and correct bite misalignments as well. 

Forgetting to Include a Call to Action  

Once your website has convinced Juan that you’re the dentist for him, he needs one more thing to seal the deal: a call to action. Whether you want potential patients to fill out an online form, take a sleep apnea quiz, or contact your office to schedule an appointment, the importance of that final nudge cannot be overstated. While your website provides information about your practice, it is also ultimately a way to persuade people that you’re their best option.

Your Turn 

There are definitely other mistakes we see on dental websites, but these are the most common. Putting these three tips into play will transform your website into a compelling marketing tool. Be sure to talk to your website company about making these changes, and then sit back and watch them make a difference. 

With more than a decade of experience in corporate dental laboratory marketing and brand development, Ms. Ulasewich decided to take her passion for the dental business and marketing to the next level by founding My Dental Agency. Since starting her company, she and her team have helped a wide variety of business owners all over the nation focus their message, reach their target audience, and increase their sales through effective marketing campaigns. She can be reached at (800) 689-6434 or via email at jackie@mydentalagency.com.

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