Australia Needs More Dentists in Some Places



Some areas of Australia could use an infusion of dentists.

The rural areas of New South Wales are currently experiencing a shortage of dentists, according to the Australian Dental Association. This is happening despite the increasing number of dental school graduates in the area in recent years.

A common problem in Australia is that it’s assumed that when the dental graduation rate in an area increases, the number of dentists in the area will rise. That is not often the case, however.

The dentists in Australia tend to flock to the more urban areas. As a result, it may be important for the government to create an incentivized program to promote an influx of dentists in the areas that need them most.

Many of the public dental services are fully stocked regarding the number of dentists they can employ. One of the goals of Dr. Karin Alexander, president of the Australian Dental Association, is to more evenly disperse the dentists throughout the country so people in all areas have the ability to visit the dentist on a regular basis.