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Can artificial intelligence help with patient communication and case acceptance? Artificial Intelligence sees what you see… and more. The findings provided by AI imaging software are clinically-significant and a useful tool in every practice (seasoned clinicians and new associates alike). AI is a decision support system, that provides a detailed review of findings, enhanced visualization, automated cross-sectional reports, and digital models created at the touch of a button. Artificial intelligence in dentistry is no longer science fiction, it is assisted insight for everyday dentistry.


Don’t miss this FREE webinar from Diagnocat that’ll really dive into what AI has to offer.


• How to increase confidence and certainty on CBCT images
• How DSOs create consistency across team members (specifically new associates)
• How machine learning can identify missed treatment opportunities (and revenue) not presented to patients at previous appointments
• See how to improve trust and communication at case presentation
• Learn how AI software can create a ‘safety net’ for insurance

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