Aspen Dental Big East Basketball “Luncheon with Legends” March 2013, NYC



Syracuse , NY – Aspen Dental Management Inc. (ADMI) hosted a group of dental residency program directors during the Ultimate Basketball Weekend event in NYC.  The event brought residency program leaders together to meet one another, share information regarding their programs, student interests, career opportunities for their students, and to learn more about Aspen Dental.

Photo 1 – L to R:: Dr. Leslie Smithey, Bill Raftery, Lou Carnasecca, Dr. Alfred Joseph, John Chaney, Dr. Burt Wasserman, Mark Wasserman, PJ Carlesimo and Tim Higgins.

Photo 2 – L to R: Tom Senif, Digital Marketing, Dentistry Today; Coach John Chaney, Bethany Tuzzolino, Recruitment Manager, Aspen Dental Management; Tim Higgins , NCAA Referee; Coach Lou Carneseca, Bill Raftery, NCAA Television Announcer; John Murphy, Director of Recruitment, ADMI, and Coach PJ Carlisimo.

Through a partnership with the Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament, the Aspen Dental event included the unique opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ legendary coaches Bill Raftery, (former Seton Hall coach and CBS and ESPN college basketball analyst -who hosted a coaches roundtable discussion for the attendees at this event) – and other legendary college basketball coaches John Chaney, Lou Carnesecca, and P.J. Carlesimo.  Tim Higgins, a member of the Big East’s first officiating team, also attended the event.  
Dental Residency program directors who attended the event:
Dr. Jeffrey Burns – Lutheran
Dr. Larry Green – Lutheran
Dr. Alfred Joseph – Kings County
Dr. Burt Wasserman – Wyckoff
Dr. Leslie Smithey – Bronx Lebanon
Dr. Marie Figueroa – Bronx Lebanon
Interview with Dr. Scott Dickinson  – VP of Clinical Support, ADMI – “We’ve been partners with the Big East and NCAA basketball for a number of years as a way to create awareness among patients and consumers about Aspen Dental and the great care that the dentists and their teams provide.  This event is a celebration of that partnership as well as our relationship with some of the dental schools in the greater NY area, “
Interview with John Murphy  – Director of Recruitment, ADMI – “We are changing the delivery system in Dentistry. The Big East Basketball event builds a bond between residency program leaders and the Aspen Dental experience. The luncheon and basketball weekend event continues to bring key opinion leaders together with Aspen’s team, legendary basketball coaches and the excitement of the tournament itself. This is one of many events Aspen Dental holds with residency programs throughout the Eastern United States.” Interview with Bethany Tuzzolino – Recruitment Marketing Manager, ADMI “Our branding efforts allow ADMI to reach the residency student groups through Residency leaders at these events. The New York City/Big East experience has grown yearly and leverages opportunities with key opinion leaders and Aspen Dental in the New York Metro area – which is a big focus for ADMI.”