Argen is the Leader in Scrap Refining Services



Argen is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precious dental gold alloys and a leader in scrap refining services. Materials for refining are opened in a secure area monitored by surveillance and analyzed by an ICP machine that provides an assay with 99.9% accuracy, providing the highest payout possible. If someone is not satisfied with the results, the company will return materials in the form of a layered, solid metal bar. Argen pays for gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. For more information, call (800) 255-5524 or visit

Argen offers the following:

  • Earn 2 to 5 times more with Argen Refining than walk-in cash offers.
  • The company uses a unique processing system to ensure that the maximum amount of precious metals is recovered and you receive the highest value possible for your scrap.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or materials will be returned at no charge.

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