April 2017

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New Trends in Endodontics and Treatment Planning

John West, DDS, MSD, discusses the latest in trends and the future of endodontics.

Excellent Canal Cleansing, Minimal Root Weakening
Barry L. Musikant, DMD, presents a case supporting the concept that less is more.

Basics of Platelet-Rich Fibrin Therapy

Richard J. Miron, DDS, MSc, PhD; Mark Bishara, DDS; and Joseph Choukroun, MD; discuss the history of platelet concentrates, the current status of platelet rich fibrin (PRF), and clinical uses for PRF therapy in the dental setting. This article is peer-reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

Are You Placing Implants?

Charles D. Schlesinger, DDS, discusses how to incorporate implants successfully into the general dental practice.

Design Enhances Soft-Tissue Architecture
Barry F. McArdle, DMD, talks about the reasons that the implant-abutment design on the development, health, and preservation of peri-implant tissues.

Aesthetic Mandibular Anterior Alignment: A Quick and Affordable Prerestorative Option

Ross W. Nash, DDS, showcases the use of an efficient prerestorative orthodontic technique to achieve excellent aesthetic and functional results.

Bruxism, Botox, and Dental Implants
Louis Malcmacher, DDS, and Timothy Kosinski, DDS, discuss a restorative case that also involves treatment for bruxism.

A Zirconia Option for Anterior Restorations

Robert A. Lowe, DDS, talks about an aesthetic translucent zirconia option for full-coverage anterior restorations.

Periodontal Treatment Versus Antibiotics