Andor Health and Oradox Partner to Bring Open AI & GPT to Dental Care Management

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Andor Health, the company reinventing virtual health as a platform, partners with Oradox, a dental specialty service organization.

andor health


In an increasingly complex practice environment, dentists are often left to manual systems & processes to manage outgoing & incoming referrals and pre/post-care patient communication. The demands of the patient on the dentist and their staff have necessitated an evolution in how these needs are met. Oradox, in partnership with Andor Health, has revolutionized the way each practice communicates with other providers and patients to provide complete continuity of care.

“Oradox, powered by ThinkAndor, has allowed us to seamlessly communicate with our referrers – no more faxes, emails and lost paper referrals,” explained Sharmilla Singh, DDS, All Care Specialty. “It has been essential for us to deliver referred treatment and get the patient back to have restorative treatment done.”

ThinkAndor leverages OpenAI & healthcare trained GPT to better orchestrate clinical workflows and curate clinical context. As a cloud-based dental care management platform, Oradox leverages ThinkAndor® to connect the general dentist, the dental specialist, and the patient to reduce leakage, engage the providers & patients in real-time, and deliver provider-approved educational content to help patients make informed healthcare decisions. Oradox, with the power of ThinkAndor, engages with the patient pre/post-care and unifies the intake/referral processes into a simple HIPPA-compliant dashboard that provides powerful analytics from referral acceptance to completion to care plan compliance.

“Oral care, in many ways, is still operating with a multitude of manual, paper processes. By leveraging ThinkAndor, we can provide simple, digital real-time updates throughout a patient’s care journey, allowing us to administer complete continuity of care by linking together the general dentist, the patient, and the dental specialist,” explained Sudha Chinta, DDS, CEO of Oradox.

“Healthcare providers have struggled with a fractured way to deliver care for too long. Each siloed technology has created inefficient workflows. ThinkAndor streamlines workflows and unifies virtual care delivery so that healthcare providers can focus on their patients, not the process,” explained Raj Toleti, chairman & CEO of Andor Health. “By leveraging OpenAI & the healthcare trained GPT model, ThinkAndor intelligently routes patients and providers through the intake and referral process driving maximum adoption.”

ThinkAndor is designed to empower virtual care delivery. To learn more, visit us on the web at Andor Health or stop by Oradox Booth #4 at Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) in Orlando, FL, March 28-31.

About Andor Health

At Andor Health, our mission is to change the way care teams connect and collaborate. By harnessing machine and human intelligence, our cloud-based platform unlocks data stored in electronic medical records to deliver real-time actionable intelligence to care teams inside and outside their enterprise. By optimizing communication workflows, our solutions accelerate time to treatment, decrease clinician burnout, and drive better patient outcomes.

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