ADA Proposes Strategies to Improve Oral Health



The American Dental Association is doing everything possible to ensure the best future for America’s oral health.

The ADA released a series of papers analyzing all aspects of the oral health of Americans today. The series is called Breaking Down Barriers to Oral Health for All Americans: Repairing the Tattered Safety Net.

The paper discusses possible solutions that could improve safety net programs without the possibility of the raising the funding based on the situation with the economy.

The paper targets seven areas that would result in major improvement.

  • Prevention is first. The goal is to be proactive to the point where problems are fixed before surgery would be necessary.
  • Enabling all people to be able to visit the dentist would be beneficial for everyone’s oral health.
  • If people are more educated about the necessary dental care they need, they will be more apt to seek this care.
  • The care needs to be coordinated to the point where the government and government programs are all on the same page.
  • Dentists need to make sure that when they treat a patient he or she leaves the dentist’s office with some kind of understanding of what was done, and the ways to stay healthy while preventing the problem from recurring.
  • More collaboration is necessary between private and public dentists, since many dental practices are private. Most people receive dental care from private dentists and it will most likely stay that way.
  • A major issue now is the silence displayed by most people regarding care. When people of all aspects of society learn more about the importance of dental care, it becomes a priority to get the best possible care.

If these measures are taken, the overall oral health of Americans will improve.

The ADA will continue to analyze topics like these in the future.