American Academy of Oral Surgery Launches to Improve Dental Education

Dentistry Today


The American Academy of Oral Surgery (AAOS) has announced its launch with a mission to provide a supportive community and pathway for interested practicing dentists and their team members to obtain the education and training necessary to successfully perform and complete procedures beyond what was taught to them in dental school with the competence and confidence to provide the best care to their patients.

According to the AAOS, this requires teaching by well qualified and experienced instructors. Also, the organization said, simple surgical procedures should be mastered before more advanced ones are attempted, knowing the appropriate anatomy, biology, and preferred techniques. Clinicians also should be able to avoid and manage complications with rare assistance, staying within the boundaries of their education and training. And, clinicians should know which cases should be treated by a specialist or in cooperation with a specialist.

“For dentists who do oral surgical procedures in their practices, membership in the AAOS raises the educational bar and helps them improve their confidence and competence in office-based oral surgery,” said Jay Reznick, DMD, MD, chair of the AAOS Advisory Committee, which includes oral surgeons, other specialists, and general dentists, adding that this approach benefits dentists, their local specialists, and especially their patients.

The AAOS further noted that new technologies and techniques have enabled general dental practitioners and non-surgical specialists to perform more procedures that once typically were the domain of specialists, including oral surgery. Many of these dentists perform these procedures with minimal additional training and experience, potentially impacting patient care and requiring specialists to resolve possible complications. Proper training, the AAOS added, could prevent these adverse outcomes.

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