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Orthodontic pioneer, Dr. Benjamin Cassalia, joins groundbreaking orthodontic technology and services company Alta Smiles as their Chief Clinical Officer. Alta Smiles has joined forces with Dr. Cassalia with a plan to bring its innovative new technologies, like C5 Hidden Orthodontics, to dentists and orthodontists worldwide.

Dr. Cassalia’s role as Chief Clinical Officer focuses on clinical instruction, training, and support to those dental providers looking to offer C5 Hidden Orthodontics in their practice. Dr. Cassalia will also continue to develop and expand the next generation of clinical technologies and add to Alta Smiles’ already comprehensive services and capabilities.

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Dr. Benjamin Cassalia

Dr. Cassalia began developing the patented Wirelign technology, the core of Alta Smile’s C5 Hidden Orthodontics treatment, in 1997. For years, Dr. Cassalia saw an increased interest from adults in his practice looking to straighten teeth without brackets or aligners. His invention of the Wirelign system allowed him to provide this service to his patients but meeting the volume of interested patients and providers posed a challenge.

This was the catalyst for Dr. Cassalia’s interest in working with Alta Smiles. Dr. Cassalia joined Alta Smiles early on in its inception as an equity owner and lead orthodontist.

Alta Smiles was formed to make high-quality orthodontic and oral care solutions more accessible and convenient through innovation and technology. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gary Giegerich and Dr. Cassalia were both working to transform the orthodontic industry and recognized the opportunity to collaborate.

“For years, I was working on my own technology (Wirelign) and trying to figure out how to get it out to  other dentists and orthodontists. With the impressive advances Alta Smiles has been making in 3D treatment planning and patient at-home imaging, it made sense to leverage Alta Smiles’ technology with my patents and the confidence that I have gained from successfully transforming thousands of smiles with my totally discreet and comfortable orthodontic solutions,” Dr. Cassalia describes.

“Dr. Cassalia joined our ownership team early on, and now we’re fortunate to have him serve as Chief Clinical Officer. He’s a true orthodontic visionary, and his many innovations enable us to build upon our already robust offerings of orthodontic solutions,” says Giegerich. “Combining our current technologies and C5, we’re on the cusp of completely transforming the orthodontic industry with a readily scalable solution that can integrate with any dental provider anywhere in the world.”

Alta Smiles’ innovative C5 Hidden Orthodontics is the next generation of the proven Wirelign technology. C5 is designed to offer the most discreet alternative to traditional braces and aligners, setting a new standard of truly hidden and totally comfortable smile transformations.

Using tiny Super-flexTM adjustable wires that are bonded to the back of the patient’s teeth, they gently exert pressure to straighten them.

Combining unmatched discreetness with Alta’s comprehensive Opti-IPTM digital treatment planning protocols and exclusive V5xTM remote patient monitoring technology, any dental office across the country can be trained to perform the procedure.

Dentists can utilize this treatment for cases of mild to moderate tooth correction, teeth crowding, spacing, and rotation that they often see during routine hygiene appointments.

It’s ideal for anyone who would like to straighten their teeth and is particularly popular with people who have had braces in the past and whose teeth have relapsed or shifted. And what attracts patients to this “fix and forget treatment” is that it is more comfortable than other lingual systems, has a low surface profile, no speech-related problems, and the patient’s overall lifestyle doesn’t have to change, unlike with many clear aligners.

“Since joining Alta Smiles, I can sense the excitement around bringing a better product and more advanced technology to the market. My goal is to get this procedure our to other doctors nationally, even globally, and to provide a service and treatment to patients who may not know this is an option. Alta Smiles can take this product further than I could ever imagine,” explains Dr. Cassalia.

Dr. Cassalia is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry, where he continued his education in the post-graduate program specializing in orthodontics.

While attending Temple University, Dr. Cassalia was inducted into the Omicron Kappa Epsilon National Dental Honor Society and was a recipient of the All-American Scholar Collegiate Award for Academic Excellence. Dr. Cassalia has also published articles in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and the Bucks County Women’s Journal.

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About Alta Smiles, LLC

Founded in 2019 and guided by a world-class board of advisors that includes leading investors and executives from the dental and healthcare industries, Alta Smiles is a technology and services company poised to transform the delivery of orthodontic care.

Our unique patented and patent-pending technologies and methodologies untether comprehensive orthodontic care from the confines of the orthodontist’s office. This innovative approach enables dentists and their assistants to deliver all forms of orthodontic care, including C5 Hidden Orthodontics, with a high level of expertise and confidence.

Alta Smiles is opening the door for more people to have amazing smiles.