Alex Sadusky Joins Balanced Pharma Incorporated’s Advisory Board

Balanced Pharma Incorporated
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Balanced Pharma, Inc. (BPI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Sadusky to the Advisory Board of Balanced Pharma.

Balanced Pharma is a North Carolina pharmaceutical company focused on using its proprietary cartridge and vial technology to enable the delivery of pH-balanced injectable pharmaceutical formulations for healthcare professionals. Their flagship product candidate is a new local anesthetic intended to minimize the unwanted side effects of acidity in dental injections, including pain, delayed effect, and unreliable anesthesia.

As Balanced Pharma approaches product launch, Sadusky will provide key leadership and strategic advice to management about commercialization in the dental industry.

Alex Sadusky

Mr. Alex Sadusky

Mr. Alex Sadusky has experience in a variety of executive roles in both startups and large public companies in the dental industry makes him an ideal fit for Balanced Pharma, and he brings a wealth of expertise, experience, and insider knowledge. At Charlotte-based Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest dental equipment and consumables manufacturer, he served as vice president, office of the CEO and vice president of strategy and business development.

Prior to joining legacy Sirona Dental, Mr. Alex Sadusky spent over 15 years in middle-market investment banking, venture capital, private equity, and management consulting with McKinsey & Company and corporate business development with Goodrich Corporation. Alex is also the founder and CEO of Dental Card Services Alliance, LLC, a leading provider of merchant services to the U.S. Dental Market.

Mr. Sadusky also recently served McKinsey & Company as senior external advisor for McKinsey’s Pharmaceutical & Medical Products.

“We are excited to welcome Alex to the Balanced Pharma team in this key advisory role,” says Dr. Scott Keadle, founder and CEO of Balanced Pharma. “Alex has a long track record of maximizing value for patients, dental professionals, and shareholders, and his straightforward and approachable style is invaluable when important decisions are needed.”

“Alex knows a winning product when he sees one, and he’s committed to getting our new dental anesthetic across the finish line, so dental professionals can put it to good use helping patients,” he adds.

“When I met the Balanced Pharma Team and learned about their mission to make dental injections less painful, faster-acting, and more reliable, I knew I wanted to be a part of making that happen,” says Sadusky.

“Patients don’t like dental injections, and dentists are doing all they can to help make these patients more comfortable, but there has been room for improvement in the anesthetic formulations. The time for innovation is here, and we want to give dentists one more way to minimize the discomfort and time spent waiting to get numb and enhance the overall quality of the patient experience.”

Sadusky is the co-founder & CEO of TruBlu Dental Management, Inc., founder & CEO of Dental Card Services Alliance, LLC, and is the founder and president of Cotswold Capital Advisors, Inc.

He will serve Balanced Pharma in an advisory-only role and will continue his other operational roles.

About Balanced Pharma, Inc.

Balanced Pharma, Inc. (BPI) is a pharmaceutical company based in Cornelius, North Carolina. BPI intends to reduce injection pain, speed the onset of anesthesia, and increase the success rate of local anesthetic injections by developing a pH-balanced formulation of lidocaine, the most common local anesthetic in dental and medical procedures. BPI’s initial product candidate is a standard syringe cartridge for use in dental procedures.

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