Air2Zed Continues to Expand Their Reach



Less than 2 years after their global launch, Air2Zed continues to expand their reach while sensor manufacturers line up to become supported by this new technology. Air2Zed is the newest technology available to enhance your imaging workflow, by eliminating the wire, and all the costs and headaches that come with plugging, unplugging, dragging, dropping, and tripping over the cables.


Furthermore, by converting your sensor to wireless, the innovative system expands your range by 3x or more when compared to a wired workflow.

This makes Air2Zed an ideal system not only for in the office, but for remote and mobile dentistry as well.

Gone are the days when practice owners felt the need to purchase a sensor for each room. With Air2Zed, you will move effortlessly from room to room at the click of a button, thereby improving your overall efficiency and reducing clutter. The best part is, you will not need to change your sensor, you will not need to change your software, and you will not require additional training.

Air2Zed already supports most major sensor brands, and continues to add more.

Simply plug the Zeds into place, connect your sensor to the transmitter, and you’re ready to go.

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