Adria Dental Group Expands to Slavonia

Adria Dental Group
adria dental group


Adria Dental Group (ADG), the biggest dental medicine group in Croatia and the CEE, continues with the growth and development of the Croatian dental market by new investment in the biggest dental clinic in Slavonia, Dragaš Dental Design.

adria dental group

Dragaš Dental Design founders

The Čepin-based Dragaš Dental Design is market leader in Slavonia region, with four moderndental offices and a dental laboratory. Dragaš Dental Design has 27 employees. Following the investment in Zadar-based Dentex in May, this is the latest investment by Adria Dental Group in the Croatian dental market. Adria Dental Group is determined to secure top-quality dental services in the Adria region.

“We saw this investment as a major opportunity for our further growth and development. Being part of the group that combines the knowhow, latest cutting-edge technology, and standardized service across its clinics is an important step forward for our team and for our clinic. We are pleased that ADG has recognized our expertise and our dedication. We have strived towards further strengthening of our market position and cooperating with the biggest professionals in the industry, and with joining ADG we have achieved that,” said the founders of Dragaš Dental Design, Matea Penavić Dragaš, DMD, and Zoran Dragaš, DMD.

Adria Dental Group has grown into a network of nine clinics, seven dental laboratories, and 95 cutting-edge dental practices with 527 employees.

“Dragaš Dental Design boasts a team of top dental medicine practitioners with an individualized approach to each and every patient. This very approach, coupled with their digitalized laboratory and cutting-edge technology, is why we recognized them as fitting long-term partners. ADG is a center of excellence in this part of Europe with the goal to keep growing and investing in the region’s dental medicine and to provide our patients with an even better-quality and more comprehensive service,” added Gordan Muškić, president of the management board at Adria.

Adria Dental Group comprises Arena Dental, Salona Dental, Rident, Dentum, Fiziodent, Dentex, and Dragaš Dental Design, which treat more than 60,000 patients and successfully perform over 230,000 procedures across their clinics and laboratories annually, posting a total annual revenue of more than EUR 40 million.

Provectus Capital Partners (PCP), a Zagreb-based investment company, has established the largest private equity fund in the Adria region that is the owner of Adria Dental Group.