ADMC Announces 2023 Scholarship Winner

The ADMC Memorial Foundation


The Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC) Memorial Foundation announced that it has awarded its 2023 scholarship to Dr. Kayla Perez of Inova Smiles in Kissimmee, FL. The scholarship is intended to support dentists who are eager to succeed in business, and for whom the award will have significant impact both professionally and financially.


Dr. Kayla Perez

“By receiving the ADMC scholarship, I am hoping to receive advice and guidance from experts in the field of dental practice management,” says Perez. “I have been starting my practice from scratch without taking any loans and although that represents a significant achievement, it also presents challenges, especially when it comes to accessing resources that will help me grow and develop my practice. With the ADMC scholarship funding, I can overcome those challenges by gaining access to a network of experienced dental professionals who can provide me with practical advice, support, and guidance on various aspects such as financial planning, marketing, and patient care.”

As part of the award, Perez will have the opportunity to engage an ADMC consultant who best matches their professional goals and objectives. Perez selected Janet Velasquez of JV Practice Solutions. Velasquez possesses over two decades of dental experience, and has helped many practices fine-tune the many operational systems that are required in developing high performing profitable organizations.

The purpose of the ADMC Memorial Foundation is to educate, aid and support entrepreneurial dentists and their practices to overcome obstacles, implement systems, and provide guidance by connecting them with the appropriate resources.

“Receiving the funding of the ADMC scholarship can help me overcome the financial limitations that may have prevented me from accessing resources and advice from experts in dental practice management,” adds Perez.