AccessEndo Impact Academy Steps into Dental DSO Space

The AccessEndo Impact Academy
accessendo impact academy


The AccessEndo Impact Academy (AEIA) is proud to launch their proven and intensive DSO focused endodontic, personal wellness and dental continuing education online program.

The program features a specific, private, and uniquely branded educational web portal for each DSO client.

accessendo impact academy

The web portal includes:

  • 35+ hours of comprehensive online endodontic CE including lecture and didactic training, clinical simulation, live clinical case, and chairside learning and patient communication modules.
  • 115+ hours of podcast formatted CE covering endodontic and specialty topics*
  • 15+ hours of personal wellness training via the “Power of One” program*
  • Monthly scheduled endodontic coaching calls*
  • Quarterly scheduled personal wellness coaching calls*
  • A la carte services including live training and remote hands-on events (among others)
  • A clinical endodontic case upload portal for specific endodontic case guidance/coaching
  • A clinical endodontic and personal wellness question portal

*All CE courses and coaching calls come with PACE AGD CE credits and certificates.

Our goal is to “spread love through better endo and happier clinicians” states Dr. Brett Gilbert, Founder and President of AEIA. He adds further “We know the pain points DSOs experience with regard to recruitment and retention of doctors. There is lost revenue within organizations from burn out, failed endodontic procedures and a lack of personal wellness. Through our highly intensive online clinical training, live interactive coaching calls and wellness training, we can improve revenue for the DSO and income for the doctor. Integration of this program will simultaneously improve professional success and personal wellness for each enrolled doctor. It’s a winning combination.”

To experience an AccessEndo Impact Academy program demo, please contact Dr. Richard Mounce ( to arrange an introduction by Zoom.

About AEIA

Dr. Brett Gilbert and Dr. Richard Mounce (CEO) have more than 50 combined years in clinical endodontic practice and have extensive global experience lecturing and teaching in endodontics. Both have significant experience in consulting as key opinion leaders for a large number of endodontic companies.

Dr. Gilbert is a trained expert in the subject of emotional intelligence and personal wellness.

Currently, (AEIAs parent company) has over 700 paid global members in its non-DSO Endodontic CE program.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Sincerely Media on Unsplash.