AAP Publishes Proceedings from Best Evidence Consensus on Biologics in Clinical Practice

The American Academy of Periodontology


The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) has published its “best evidence consensus” (BEC) panel proceedings on the topic of biologics in clinical practice.

The proceedings are the result of the AAP’s fourth BEC meeting, a model of scientific inquiry rooted in the best available published research and expert opinion.

The BEC meeting on biologics in clinical practice was held in Chicago in April 2022.


AAP Publishes Proceedings from Best Evidence Consensus on Biologics in Clinical Practice

“We were fortunate to get things started by recruiting an amazing group of clinician-scientists to do extensive systematic reviews of the literature examining use of biologics in periodontics and implant dentistry,” said BEC co-chair Dr. Brian Mealey. “They laid a solid foundation for the BEC itself.”

The BEC meeting brought together a panel of 20 experts to discuss the efficacy of biologics in root coverage and gingival augmentation therapy, the treatment of periodontal infrabony defects, alveolar ridge preservation/reconstruction and implant site development.

The panel members were selected based on their extensive knowledge of biologics and experience in applying biologics to a broad range of clinical situations.

BEC co-chair Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz adds, “The BEC meeting was a total success thanks to the foundation provided by three outstanding systematic reviews that were conducted prior to the event and the engagement and participation of leading experts in the fields of clinical periodontics and regenerative medicine.”

The BEC model of inquiry utilizes current, high-quality published literature and the expert opinion of periodontal thought leaders to provide guidance on innovative topics for which there is insufficient evidence to arrive at definitive conclusions.

The complete BEC proceedings appear in the Dec. 2022 issue of the Journal of Periodontology (JOP).

Similar to the inaugural BEC report on cone-beam computed tomography published in Oct. 2017, the proceedings on biologics offer a consensus statement and systematic reviews related to the topic.

Additionally, a total of 9 papers focused on the clinical translation of the findings of the BEC will appear in a special issue of Clinical Advances in Periodontics (CAP) in Dec. 2022.

The AAP’s best evidence consensus meeting on biologics in clinical practice was sponsored by BioHorizons, Geistlich BioMaterials, Lynch Biologics, and Straumann.

To access the full BEC proceedings, please visit perio.org/research-science/best-evidence-consensus-bec.

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