3Sixty: Pioneering Digital Dentistry Globally



Imagine a world where dental care is not just effective, but also genuinely enjoyable. Where technology and a human touch work hand-in-hand to create personalized experiences that empower both dentists and patients. This is the vision driving 3Sixty, a company revolutionizing the digital dentistry landscape.


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More than Just Tools: It’s a Passion for Innovation

Driven by a passionate team of dental professionals and engineers, 3Sixty is more than just a provider of tools.

It’s the eagerness for innovation, which drives the company toward continuous research and development to create tailor-made solutions that fit modern dentistry. Our in-house experts understand the daily challenges faced by dentists, allowing them to design products that integrate with existing practices, optimizing workflows and elevating patient care.

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Quality as Our Calling Card:

At 3Sixty, “good enough” simply won’t do. We understand that quality is essential to building trust and fostering a sense of confidence in our products and services. That’s why we adhere to the highest quality control standards, leveraging the latest technologies and rigorous testing protocols within our total quality guidelines and certified labs. Every product surpasses global benchmarks, ensuring exceptional outcomes for patients and practitioners alike.

The Human Connection: A Team Dedicated to You

It’s not just the technology that makes 3Sixty unique; it’s the people.

Our dedicated team of in-house dental professionals build close relationships with clients, providing personalized support and guidance throughout their journey. We collaborate hand-in-hand with dentists to facilitate surgical procedures, ensuring a smooth and effective experience for everyone involved.

Empowering Growth: The 3Sixty Academy

We believe in empowering dentists to become leaders in their field.

The 3Sixty Academy serves as a vibrant hub for continuous learning and professional development. Here, dental professionals master new skills, stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic industry, and unlock their full potential.

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Global Vision, Local Impact:

With sights set on a rapidly expanding global market and despite heavy competition and significant economic and regulatory hurdles, 3Sixty is poised for strategic expansion, specifically targeting new markets in Canada and Europe.

Our objective is to bridge the gap in dental care accessibility while establishing a worldwide network of excellence.

Tech-Powered Efficiency:

Technology lies at the heart of our operation, enabling us to optimize workflows, refine processes, and continually enhance our approach. This tech-driven focus ensures efficiency, enabling our team to dedicate more time and energy to serving dentists and patients.