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Category: 2014 Greater New York Dental Meeting

Septodont – OraVerse

Dr. Sean Boynes, a dental anesthesiologist and director of dental medicine at Care South Carolina, discusses OraVerse, outlining its benefits for patients and any contraindications dentists may need to know about.
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MacPractice – MacPractice DDS 5.1

Mark Hollis, CEO and co-founder of MacPractice, discusses MacPractice DDS 5.1 and other new happenings at the MacPractice Booth.
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Henry Schein – Dentrix Ascend

Adam McDaniel, product manager at Henry Schein, discusses Dentrix Ascend, discussing the advantages of a cloud-based practice management system.
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Ghost Mfg – Multi-Axis Spiral Suction HVE Dental Tip

Dave Ronto, DDS, CEO of Ghost Mfg and inventor of the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction HVE Dental Tip, presents the HVE tips and gives an overview of their inception, as well as ways they differ from other HVE tips on the market.
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Kerr – Identic Alginate, Clean & Lube, AlgiNot

Casey Seale, product manager for Kerr, outlines what's new with impressions at Kerr.
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Custom Earpiece – Dental Office Communication System

Jeremy Johns, sales manager at Custom Earpiece, shares the benefits of Custom Earpiece’s Dental Office Communication System, which includes the CE240 2-way Radio, Sentinel DT Earpiece, and Semi-Custom Earmolds.
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Biolase – Biolase Update

John Bernhard, Senior Product Manager for Biolase discusses the latest changes at the company, as well as new products being developed.
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Taub Products – Taub Products Update

Excitement abounds at the Taub Products booth, where a variety of representatives share what’s new at the company.
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Greater New York Dental Meeting 2014

Dentistry Today will provide a live blog from the Greater New York (GNY) Dental Meeting from Sunday, November 30, to Wednesday, December 3. We’ll keep you updated on all of the new products being released and everything else going on with manufacturers throughout the dental profession. We’ll also let you know who’s speaking about what topics, helping you feel as if you’re there on the exhibit floor.
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