Stabili-Teeth and ROE Dental Labs Partner



Stabili-Teeth is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ROE Dental Laboratory, enabling Stabili-Teeth licensees to benefit from ROE’s best-in-class prosthetic solution to complement Stabili-Teeth’s innovative full-mouth restoration process. Through the partnership, Stabili-Teeth practitioners have access to a simple yet state-of-the-art digital engagement with ROE that allows dental practitioners to quickly help their patients benefit from a long-term, stable set of teeth and a beautiful smile.


“ROE’s outstanding customer service, cutting-edge additive manufacturing, and digital capabilities reduce a doctor’s cost and hassle to deliver an incredible solution quickly to patients with terminal dentition across the country,” says founder and chairman, Dr. Carl Medgaus.

The partnership solidifies the relationship between Stabili-Teeth doctors and ROE Laboratories, increasing a practice’s profitability while improving quality and patient satisfaction from the day of surgery to decades in the future.

BJ Kowalski, CEO of ROE Dental Laboratory, agrees. “We’re pleased to enhance a doctor’s experience by leveraging the Stabili-Teeth platform to serve as a trusted partner for prosthetics and all of a practice’s needs. Stabili-Teeth is setting the bar for a higher standard of service at a price that delivers the value patients deserve.”

About Stabili-Teeth Inc.

Stabili-Teeth® offers a full-mouth restoration that gives patients immediate full functionality and exceptional aesthetics at less than half the cost of the alternative to full-arch fixed detachable solutions on the market. This innovative protocol allows doctors to address a far greater portion of the market and requires less of a doctor’s and patient’s time. Stabili-Teeth® is the solution to democratize access to fully functioning teeth and a beautiful smile for the long term, improving a patient’s holistic health and confidence. Visit for more information.

About ROE Dental Laboratory

ROE Dental Laboratory is a full-service modern laboratory that has partnered with the dental community since 1926. We integrate innovative technology and manufacturing processes with the most up-to-date dental science to develop dental products that exceed the expectations of dentists nationwide. With a dedicated service team, we aim to provide our customers with a level of personal attention they do not experience elsewhere. ROE Dental Laboratory has three locations, with its headquarters located in Independence, Ohio. Learn more about ROE Dental Laboratory at

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