Treatment Center Integrates Preventive Care Options

Richard Gawel


To help practitioners best set up their treatment rooms, Dentsply Sirona has expanded its existing treatment centers product range with an integrated preventive care concept. The Cavitron built-in ultrasonic scaling system is now available with the Intego line of treatment centers for fast and effective removal of even the most tenacious deposits. 

The Intego and Intego Pro Ambidextrous models are available in the United States and offer modern dental practices everything necessary for professional dental hygiene, dental aesthetics, and dental care, according to the company.

Intego supports a variety of treatment concepts through 2 variants. First, the Intego TS is a traditional, over-the-patient delivery system with hanging hoses. The dentist element has a wide range of movement, and the adjustable tray holder is designed to make for a convenient work environment. Second, the Intego CS is a continental delivery system with whip arms. It offers the widest range of treatment positions around the oral cavity, Dentsply Sirona says, whether working alone or as a team. 

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