Instrument Lineup Comprises Premium Pliers and Cutters

Richard Gawel


The Ormco Premium Instrument Line comprises 57 stainless steel instruments, including 45 pliers and 12 cutters. The plier models range in maximum capacity from 0.015 inches to 0.40 inches, including long handle Weingart, slim and ultra-slim Weingart, tip back, straight bracket removing, crown and band contouring, and twisted loop forming devices and more. The cutters include universal distal end with and without hold, hard wire, multi-use, mini-pin and ligature, and micro cutters in maximum cutting capacities ranging from 0.12 inches to 0.21 by 0.25 inches. All of the instruments in the line come with a six-year purchase warranty.

“Our new premium instrument line serves the needs of our customers with the high quality and precision they require to treat patients efficiently and effectively,” said Brant Howell, marketing manager at Ormco. “Skilled orthodontic hands need the proper tools, and we believe the new line of instruments will provide just that.”

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