Device Detects Caries Three Different Ways

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The Polaroid Healthcare P31 Caries Detector is the first full-HD, 1920p x 1080p caries detection device that allows the user to display all three methods of visible caries detection at once with just one press of the capture button, according to the company. Other devices offer detection modes with advantages and limits and may not be perfect for every situation, Polaroid said.

The P31 solves this issue by capturing a white light (natural color) image, a fluorescence image, and a transillumination image at the same time. It positions them side by side so users can compare them and gather the most information to help make a more informed decision regarding the necessary treatment plan, Polaroid said. The three side-by-side images are also great for educating the patient, as well as for submitting the information to the insurance companies, according to the company.

The P31 is shaped like a high-speed handpiece. Its lightweight, 2.2-oz metal body is designed to be comfortable to hold as well durable. It is packed with innovative and user-friendly modern features, such as dual fluorescence modes, allowing one to choose to view healthy teeth in a green color or natural tooth color, while carious bacteria biofilm glows red for easy identification of problem areas, Polaroid said.

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