New Online Tool Simulates Utility Room Control



Malvern, PA (February 1, 2014) DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to introduce a convenient online demo. This tool simulates how users can easily monitor and control their dental utility room equipment with the OWL Touch™ from RAMVAC®.  The demo replicates the screens of the Owl Touch and allows the user to see how the device works.

The attractive, easy-to-read color touch display of the OWL Touch Demo provides the ability to conveniently control and monitor all RAMVAC® and CustomAir® utility room products from one centralized location. It replaces large, space-consuming panels typically used for microprocessor-controlled systems. Providing efficient centralized management, the OWL Touch Demo enables multiple CustomAir and RAMVAC products to be easily connected and controlled.  

User-friendly screen layouts for the OWL Touch Demo make navigation of all utility room commands simple and straightforward:

  • The home screen provides the option of either Manual or Schedule modes for the equipment and includes a Master Shutdown option.
  • Similar to a standard remote switch panel, the manual mode allows the user to individually activate as well as shut down each piece of equipment.
  • The schedule mode allows the user to automatically activate or shut down equipment via a personally defined weekly schedule.
  • The master shutdown option turns off the entire utility room. Simply click on the link and the utility room stays off until either the Manual or Schedule mode is selected.


The OWL Touch Demo demonstrates how comprehensive, real time information about all utility room equipment is displayed, including hour meter readings, maintenance reminders, fault detection, product cycling and much more! 

See how the OWL Touch Demo works, visit for a hands-on demonstration.   

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