Medical Network Integrates Preventive Dental Care Into Its Model

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Intermountain Healthcare is now integrating dental care into its preventive primary care model. With 24 hospitals, 2,400 physicians, and 160 clinics, the not-for-profit system based in Utah will collaborate with Burg Children’s Dentistry to support a “whole health” approach to care for the state’s children. 

The collaboration will facilitate primary care providers and dentists working more closely together to improve overall wellness and prevent disease in communities throughout Utah, Intermountain Healthcare reports, integrating dental and medical care for children from 14 locations in Salt Lake County, Tooele, Park City, Bountiful, and Utah County.

Intermountain Medical Group pediatricians and family medicine caregivers will work closely with Burg’s 18 dentists to coordinate care and make it more convenient for families to get all of the care their children need in an integrated and convenient manner, Intermountain Healthcare says. 

“Intermountain Healthcare’s integrated primary care model already includes physical and mental care, and adding dental care will help us increase our focus on the whole health of each person we serve,” said Dave Henriksen, operations officer for Intermountain Medical Group.

Some diseases and medications may affect dental health, and dental decay, infection, and inflammation can adversely affect overall health, Intermountain Healthcare says, adding that poor oral health may be connected with chronic illnesses and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and stroke.  

Jeff Burg, DDS, MBA, opened Burg Children’s Dentistry’s first location in 2002 in Murray, Utah. Since then, the group has grown to be the largest pediatric dental practice in Utah, Intermountain Medical Group says. 

“Burg Children’s Dentistry has years of experience developing a high-quality and affordable model. We think they’re a perfect fit for us,” said Henriksen. “We’re excited by the opportunity to collaborate with their dentists to improve the lives of children by establishing an integrated, organized, and connected physical, mental, and oral health model in Utah.”

“We’ve honored to be part of such an innovative solution to the overall healthcare of children, and we’re excited about the prospect of delivering a more efficient and convenient solution to our patients and their parents,” said Burg.

“Intermountain has a long legacy of serving our community by providing the highest-quality medical care at an unmatched value,” said Henriksen. “We aim to provide that same legacy of service in dental care. We look forward to the exciting possibilities our combined skill sets will deliver to our communities.”

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