Long Island Periodontist Establishes Interdental Brush Buyers’ Club



Bohemia, NY (May 6, 2013) – Long Island periodontist Dr. Paul Crane recently partnered with numerous leading interdental brush manufacturers to establish a web-based company called Interdental Brush Buyers’ Club (IBBC). IBBC utilizes innovative and easy-to-navigate custom software designed to provide dental professionals with a continuous supply of FREE top quality brand interdental brush samples while encouraging the use of interdental brushes by patients through education, incentives and convenient availability at a discounted price.

The IBBC provides unique solutions to the most common barriers dental professionals face in recommending the use of interdental brushes, including the high cost associated with providing product samples and compliance difficulties patients have finding the brand and size recommended. “An adequate supply of samples is required by the dental professional in order to provide patients proper introduction, education, demonstration and sizing of interdental brushes,” remarked Dr. Paul Crane, Founder of Interdental Brush Buyers’ Club. “Our goal is to better enable the most important educator, the dental professional, by furnishing the necessary supply of samples to teach patients the skills they need to kick start this very important life-long oral hygiene habit.”

The IBBC method applies a novel marketing approach which offers a winning outcome for consumers (patients), dentists and interdental brush manufacturers.
Through partnerships with leading interdental brush manufacturers including Sunstar Americas’ Proxabrush G·U·M® brand, Piksters™, TePe®, and StaiNo®, IBBC offers a dentist- and patient-friendly web store. The IBBC facilitates continued patient compliance and long term periodontal, dental and general health by promoting reduced pricing and larger quantity orders. Automatic shipments are encouraged so patients will no longer have to remember to buy them. Prescription pads are provided, which directs the patient, making it so easy to find the exact size and brand recommended by their dental professional on the IBBC website. 
By simply recommending their patients to the IBBC website, dentists accumulate credits equaling 7% of their referred patient purchases. The unique custom shopping cart software links the patient with the referring doctor by use of the doctor’s telephone number. Dentists can then log on to their secure personalized login page and trade their credits from referred patient purchases for office samples. They also have access to details of their patients’ transactions to evaluate compliance. Credit and referral histories are clearly documented.
The IBBC also allows manufacturers a no-cost opportunity to expand their marketing base and to advertise to dentists and their patients. The IBBC website promotes each participating brand with a prominent link to company information and enables distribution of their samples to dental offices, again, at no additional cost to the manufacturer. 
Furthermore, the IBBC website highlights the importance of interdental brushing and contains a variety of educational information about its importance in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease including a bibliography and abstracts of clinical studies along with superior 3-D instructional and educational videos. 

For more information, please visit www.interdentalbrushclub.com

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