Dental Hygienist Debuts New Children’s Book on the Effects of an Unhealthy Diet

Travis D. Tramel
dental hygienist


They say you are what you eat. As a dental hygienist, Travis D. Tramel knows why. Throughout his career, he has seen the ill effects of a poor diet on the condition of one’s teeth. And through his work as a Christian counselor, he has seen how physical health affects mental health. Seeking to raise awareness on the mind body connection, Tramel presents a new children’s book to illustrate the importance of a healthy diet.

“I want to help children understand the benefits of a healthy diet, healthy teeth, and a clear mind,” said Tramel. “They are all linked.”

dental hygienist

In Sam Saves His Smile, Sam the dolphin has not been making good food choices, and his teeth and mood are suffering. After discovering the connection between physical health and mental health, Sam resolves to change his diet. “Sam’s food choices affected his attitude and how he treated others, which is highly relatable but not always obvious to children,” Tramel said. “Making children aware of how food affects our mood is essential.” Spotlighting nutrition habits, dental hygiene, and mental health, Tramel seeks to change how children view themselves and treat their bodies in the hopes of bolstering self-esteem and fostering a lifelong commitment to healthy living.

Sam Saves His Smile is available for purchase now by clicking here.


Travis Tramel is a registered dental hygienist in alternative practice. Prior to his training in wholistic dentistry, he worked as a dental hygienist for a national dental corporation for over ten years. In 2015, he founded GeriSmiles, a mobile dental hygiene practice that brings dental professionals into schools, health fairs, homeless shelters, and churches. He holds a master’s degree in Clinical Christian Counseling and a PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling and is passionate about promoting awareness on the mental illness crisis within the public school system. He lives in Riverside, California with his wife.