The Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Richard Gawel


Our roster of bloggers addressed a wide spectrum of clinical issues that you probably will face in your operatory in 2017—if you haven’t already. Here are our Top 10 Blogs of 2016, based on traffic at

Traumatic Dental Injuries: Emergency Assessment and Treatment

Do you know what to do when a patient presents with abrasions, lacerations, and fractures? Drs. Alex Moule and Nestor Cohenca review the guidelines you need to follow to guarantee a full recovery.

What Is a Dentist Anesthesiologist?

Dr. Jason R. Flores explains the vital role that these physicians play in dental surgeries that require higher levels of anesthetic administration or increased airway management skills.

Oral Cancer Care Struggles with Three Misconceptions

How common is oral cancer? How do people get it? And should dentists worry about false positives? Jo-Ann Jones dispels the mistaken beliefs surrounding the growing rates of this deadly disease.

The Advantages of the Morse Taper Dental Implant Connection

These tools eliminate the challenges in maintaining and fostering pink aesthetics, reports Dr. Barry F. McArdle.

Desktop 3-D Printing Democratizes Implant Dentistry

Prices are falling fast on these cutting-edge technologies. Dávid Lakatos outlines how 3-D printers will enable dentists to make their own surgical guides and other valuable tools.

Antibiotics May Do More Harm Than Good

With the danger of antibiotic resistance spreading worldwide, Dr. Manor Haas discusses why you should consider alternative treatments when you encounter typical infections.

Fluoride Critics Use Flint to Push Their Own Agenda

Misinformation about the benefits of fluoride permeate the Internet. Now, Dr. Johnny Johnson Jr says, self-appointed advocates are twisting Michigan’s contamination crisis to fuel their propaganda.

Use Video to Educate Patients and Keep Them Loyal

Case acceptance can be tricky, especially when procedures are complicated and intimidating. Dr. Craig S. Kohler explains how you can incorporate today’s digital technologies to explain what you’re doing and put their minds at ease.

It Only Takes a Moment to Detect Oral Cancer

Dr. Wayne Kerr tells the story of how he had one of his friends in the chair for a routine exam, but an informed look inside the oral cavity led to a life-saving diagnosis.

A Short Case Study: Relax, Don’t Extract!

What would you do with a separated file at the apex in a mesial root? Dr. Rico D. Short explains how you can stay calm and save the tooth by bypassing it and placing some calcium hydroxide.