Str8 Launches Easy and Accessible Dental Aligners Nationwide

Str8 Oral Care


Str8, a dental aligner startup bringing accessible and healthy smiles to the public, is expanding to offer its services nationwide. The brand combines the ease of D2C with the convenience of in-person dental care. Prior to its national launch, Str8 was available as a pilot program to the local Jonesboro, Arkansas area where its founder, Dr. Misee Harris, owns and operates a dental office and medical center.

What sets Str8 apart from other aligners on the market is its dedication to a healthy smile, not just a straight one. The brand’s mission is to educate its consumers, encourage regular dental check-ups and grant access to dream smiles that can help grow confidence. Str8 covers the cost of an initial dental examination at the beginning of the process.


Str8 Oral Care

In addition, all cases are reviewed and designed by dentists and orthodontists. In addition, Str8 is the first D2C clear aligner brand to reward customers for going to the dentist. Clients will receive $100 off if they have received a dental cleaning within the last 12 months.

The accessible cost is possible due to Harris building her own lab out of her medical center, allowing the elimination of the middle man, which grants the savings to be transferred to the client. The lab is located inside the Louise Hage Medical Center, whose mission is to grant affordable care with access to doctors, dentists and behavior health professionals.

Harris has always been on the front line of offering necessary medical assistance to those who may not have access. She was inspired by her grandmother, for whom her medical center is named. After many years in the dental industry, Harris is excited to expand her professional services to offer clear aligners to the general public.

“My passion has always been to help and improve others’ lives. I inherited that from my mother and my grandmother,” says Misee Harris, Founder of Str8. “Starting Str8 and the ability to provide healthy smiles for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford orthodontic treatment was a no-brainer for me. I’m excited to grow as a company and continue to see how we can change people’s lives.”

Str8’s Services Include:

  • Complimentary in-person pre aligner check-up with personal dental professional
  • Teledentistry that allows the patient to be monitored throughout their aligner treatment
  • The convenience of D2C with monitoring by dental professionals
  • Accessible and affordable pricing and financing
  • Customized and premium quality products
  • User-friendly digital services and client support
  • Durable and comfortable aligners

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About Str8

Str8 was founded by Dr. Misee Harris in 2021 and launched nationally in 2022. The brand’s mission is to educate its consumers, encourage regular dental check-ups and grant access to dream smiles that can help grow confidence.

After many years in the dental industry and philanthropic work, Harris looked to expand her reach by creating a line of affordable dental aligners to the general public and those who may not usually have access to their dream smile or dental education.